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ESPchat is an innovative website offering a variety of psychic services through its talented and professional pool of psychics.  Experienced in a variety of esoteric arts and tools, including Tarot and Angel cards, Astrology, Runes, Reiki and other energy reading systems, ESPchat psychics provide live private and group chat consultations and written readings to the site’s customers.

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A renowned astrologer, writer and lecturer on astrological and esoteric subjects, Bethea offers a weekly online Health, Wealth and Happiness Forecast to a select group of individuals. Her goal is to help clients realize opportunities that lie ahead for them and to gain a sense of control over their destiny.

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My Health Wealth and Happiness is an online destination that you can visit and browse to discover and purchase jewelry and collectibles that are not only beautifully designed and crafted pieces, but that also possess special energies and powers that can bring you good luck, success, good fortune, well being, wealth and happiness.



Aura luck website gives you the opportunity to get in touch with Aurélie our main psychic and other psychics by phone.